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A cross-platform implementation of the Language Server Protocol for LaTeX.

Code Completion

TexLab analyzes your files as you type and provides smart code completion results. After parsing your files, all included packages will be indexed in the background. By using the TeX engine, we can precisely determine all commands and environments that are defined in these packages.

Project-wide Operations

The server builds a dependency graph of all files in the currently opened workspace. This allows us to perform project-wide refactoring features to all affected files. No need to use magic comments or configuration files anymore.

BibTeX Integration

TexLab has excellent support for BibTeX. It features code completion, syntax checking, navigation features and an opinionated code formatter.

Language Features

The following features of the Language Server Protocol are implemented:

Language FeatureLaTeXBibTeX
Code completionimplementedimplemented
Signature helpnot implementednot implemented
Goto declarationnot applicablenot applicable
Goto definitionimplementedimplemented
Goto type definitionnot applicablenot applicable
Find referencesimplementedimplemented
Document highlightsimplementednot implemented
Document symbolsimplementedimplemented
Code actionnot implementednot implemented
Code lensnot implementednot implemented
Document linkimplementedimplemented
Document colornot implementednot implemented
Document formattingimplementedimplemented
Forward search*implementednot applicable

implemented = implemented, not implemented = not implemented, not applicable = not applicable, * = custom feature